Choose a venue for your post-wedding brunch that’s easy for guests to get to. If most of your guests are staying in the same hotel, you could arrange to have it there for maximum convenience. Having it at your home or a friend or relative’s house is another option, but do make sure that it’s centrally located. Select a quiet room or outdoor area that has a cosy, relaxed ambience – perfect for nursing a morning-after hangover!



Speaking of hangovers, there’s no need to punish your guests (or yourselves!) with an early wake-up call! Allow some flexibility by providing a window for guests to come and go at their leisure, instead of a set start time. This is also convenient for guests who need to catch flights or get on the road, and means that you don’t have to greet everyone at once.


Of course, part of the pleasure of a brunch is the food, but that doesn’t mean you have to go overboard. Buffets or grazing tables are the easiest option, and should ideally include a mix of both savoury and sweet. And don’t forget the coffee! You should have a selection of coffee, tea and juices available. You could also set up a mini champagne bar, so guests can help themselves to a cheeky Buck’s Fizz!


Keep it simple

You’ve already planned one elaborate event, so keep the day-after wedding brunch relatively simple and make your own rules. Don’t want to send a formal invitation? Spread the word via email or your wedding website. Want to keep it small? Only invite an intimate group of immediate family, wedding party, and out-of-towners (or whichever group you prefer!). Re-use some of your wedding décor, like floral arrangements or garlands as décor. And don’t worry about activities or a formal dress code unless you want to.

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