Tell your family… and then the world

It may be tempting to change your Facebook status five minutes after you say “yes”, but make sure you share the news with your families first. Your parents may already be aware that a proposal is coming if your partner took the traditional route and asked for their blessing, but you should still call them and announce the happy news personally. Widen the circle outwards from parents to close family and friends, and only then to social media. Enjoy sharing a few photos of your beaming faces and that beautiful ring. But in a global world, also make time to follow up and re-live the excitement with friends who may be further afield with a Skype call, and send a letter or email with a photo for older family members you’re not easily able to visit.


An engagement is certainly a time for celebration, but how you celebrate is up to you! Take some time to let it all sink in and think about what YOU want to do next. Don’t let anyone dictate what to do and when. For example, you may want to throw a big engagement party, but you also may prefer a low-key family dinner or even a private getaway for just the two of you. There’s no ‘right way’. Communicating about what you want as a couple and staying true to those ideas sets a good tone for how you’ll deal with well-meaning opinions as you plan your wedding!

Get your ring sized and insured

It’s not the most exciting wedding task, but getting your engagement ring insured will save you a lot of heartache later on if it’s lost or stolen. Be sure to get it resized too, if it’s not quite the perfect fit.

Think about your date

The most desirable wedding dates at luxury wedding venues in Essex and London often get booked out far in advance, so it’s a good idea to start thinking about dates early on. Booking a venue and picking a date will start the ball rolling for all the other decisions, and set your schedule for the wedding planning.

Agree on a budget

I cannot stress enough how important it is to agree on your budget before you get carried away (especially in the age of Pinterest!). It might not be a fun conversation, but it is vital to set your financial parameters before you start planning, as it will impact every decision you make for your day.

Hire a planner

With the foundations in place, you’re ready to start your research and get planning! If it all seems like a bit of a minefield, or the idea of finding the hours to plan a luxury wedding filled with quality touches seems impossible, then it’s time to hire a wedding planner to help you! A planner can save you time and money, and make the process stress free.

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