No matter which camp you fall into, a wedding planner can help save you time, money and above all make the planning process stress free and enjoyable for even the most planning adverse bride to be.

1. Saving you Time

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying it takes 250 hours to plan a wedding and that is an absolute minimum. There are so many different parts to a wedding day and the sky really is the limit for the amount of personalisation you can put into it, but to make the right decisions and bring it all together takes research!

Take venues as an example of just one element to plan. Over the past year alone there have been countless new venues established across Essex, all perfectly tailored to different brides and styles of wedding. Finding the right one to suit you and your plans is vitally important and as the backdrop to your wedding, will set the tone for the entire day. As a planner, it’s my job to know each of these venues for you through countless hours of research and visits so I can match the right one to your plans.

2. Keeping you on track and on budget

There’s nothing I love more than a list – apart from maybe a spreadsheet or a whole folder of spreadsheets! I will fight for your vision every step of the way and work within your budget to deliver it. Through my network of exemplary suppliers I will bring together a dream team and coordinate all moving parts so you can be safe in the knowledge your wedding is on track.

3. Keeping you stress free!

The most important benefit to a wedding planner is they give you piece of mind. Many of my couples don’t have the time or the planning inclination to keep track of all the moving parts and deadlines with planning a wedding. From the hours of research, the mountains of wedmin, the to do lists, appointments, contracts and deadlines there is a lot to keep track of and that can be very stressful. It’s my job to do that for you, acting almost like a dedicated wedding PA so you never need to worry about what you should be doing next, which appointment you’re supposed to be at or if you need to chase any outstanding RSVPs.

Once the planning is done and the big day has arrived,  a planner really comes into their own working tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure everything is just so and running like clock work so all you need to do is remember to smile and enjoy your champagne.

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